Enjoy online get together with family, friends, alumni groups with structured sessions as well as the excitement of informal meeting at meeting tables and meeting rooms.


Host a scintillating concert with performers and audience coming together from anywhere in the world. Show live and recorded performances. Setup a backstage for the audience to interact with the artists.

Cocktail Party

Invite your community to a theme cocktail party. Facilitate introductions and interactions with informal meeting tables. Build connections with visiting card exchange feature.


Organise a scintillating wedding celebration with guests joining and participating from across the globe. Amazing interactive features to engage and involve your virtual guests

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Festival get-together

Get friends and family to come together to celebrate a special day. Setup activities for all age groups and get people bonding even from the safety of their homes.

Workshops & Lifestyle Events

Organise a workshop or class on area of expertise be it cooking, dance, gardening, decorating or painting. Have a mix of live and recorded sessions with a rich resource centre and interactive sessions.

Alumni Meet

Get your alumni to enjoy a get together with their friends and connect with their Alma mater. Host a memorable meet with a walk down the memory lane.